honar aval about us
about:Honar-aval was established in 2008 with the aim of producing and offering cultural products in the home theater market, as an important part of the Iranian cinema industry.

Over the years, due to extensive social, economic and technological changes in the structure of the movie media network has also undergone structural changes, now the market is moving towards content publishing on the Web (VOD).

Therefore, in line with these changes, Honar-Aval now offers its produced content both in the form of physical product distribution and on prominent VOD platforms. During nearly a decade of activity, in addition to publishing the magnificent and outstanding works of Iranian cinema and music albums of prominent Iranian singers such as Homayoun Shajarian, Ehsan Khajeh Amiri, Kaveh Yaghmaei, Reza Sadeghi, Mohsen Yeganeh, Rastak Group, Kaveh Afagh and ....

We have to present the outstanding foreign works of the great companies Sony Pictures, Linesgate, Nickelodeon, etc. with the specialized dubbing of Iranian dubbed art masters. At the same time, due to the sensitivity of the subject of dubbing in animation, we have created specialized dubbing groups and studios for this purpose, so that the most popular animated characters can be objectified in the best way for the dear children of our country. We are proud that during these years we have been able to offer more than 1,500 products to members of society from children and young people to adults.

Acquiring the position of the country top video media company in 1394 and the country top national broadcasting company in 1395 and 1396, has been a testament to the trust and love of our audience. Our general strategy in the future is to produce appropriate and quality content (movies, series, educational programs, etc.) for different sections of society and to raise the level of taste of the audience of the large home theater network.

We hope that with the care of the merciful God, the efforts of our dear colleagues, and the trust and attention of the audience, we will take a step towards the promotion of the culture of our country.